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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sunset Soiree at the Yotel

Lately, I've been all about terracing. Meaning the weather is great, therefore I must celebrate on a terrace :) So naturally the Sunset Soiree launching the reopening of the Yotel's terrace for the season made it into my schedule. What was not to like?? Gorgeous weather, tasty cocktails (like the amply name exotique), and tons of delicious hors d'oeuvres…like literally every time I turned around there was something new! This was my second time at the Yotel, I love there futuristic/quirky concept they have in the lobby and with the statues by the entries of hallways or doors. The party had these 3 ladies all dressed up in elaborate costumes. One was covered (well...barely) in flowers, another in all bright red and yellow feathers (the tail was humongous, almost took my eye out) and my favorite the chandelier with real candles (someone had to keep relighting them)! See pics below for a view of the Yotel's atmosphere.

This is who takes your luggage
Checking in? Yes, please! 


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