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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lee Stafford's US Product Launch

I snuck out for a lunch break (unheard of at my office) and headed uptown for the Lee Stafford launch. Like most girls, I'm obsessed with great hair and any product that says it will make my dreams come true…I'll try it! So when I received this invitation I just couldn't say no :) Held at this beautiful penthouse loft with nice wood floors and clean white walls; a perfect blank canvas for Lee's pink products to pop. They even had pink personalized m&m's on all the tables. Needless to say I had more than my fair share. While waiting for the presentation to start, I managed to meet a few people. One lady was particularly interesting and told me the history of the loft and the building. Like how this used to be a major music building in the past and Billy Holiday used to come to this very same place! Definitely one of the aspects I love about NY, you can't go anywhere without running into history and where're constantly making it with all the chaos that goes on here. As the rest of the guest started arriving Lee began the presentation explaining about his life and products which are kind of one in the same. He was very engaging and funny. His line is sold all around the world…35 countries to be exact. I love the fact that it contains moroccan oil. The smell, non greasy feel and the benefits. Believe it or not I used to live in Morocco for a year and vividly remember how all my friends and women in general had amazing hair. I'm currently in the process of growing mine back out, which is extremely annoying but my hair has never felt healthier! I'm excited to try his hair growth treatment, there are tons of raving reviews on youtube about it.. I'll let you know how it turns out, lol.  The Lee Stafford Hairline Collection will be available in Duane Reade and Ulta stores.  "Have fun, look wicked, smell beautiful" (Lee)

Using his "Flip" Technique
The finished product using the flip method


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