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Monday, June 11, 2012

Eric Benét Releases New Album: The One

Last Thursday I went to see Eric Benét (the former Mr. Halle Berry, lol) for an album release party at the Porsche Design store in Soho. Lately he's been all over town promoting "The One" and I was going to get a sneak peek into what this new cd was all about. Most importantly he seemed to maintain his genuine r&b aesthetic while effortless hitting all his notes as if the songs were playing on the radio. Not to mention leaving all the girls swooning. I must admit…he was just ask cute in person and that voice raises Eric's rating even higher. Lucky me was front row & center during the performance :) I wish him best of luck with The One! See images and videos below. The 2nd video (Georgy Porgy) you can here the crowd chiming in. Please note when I record, I'm like Britney Spears…straight lip-syncing lol. None of the voices you hear are mine!


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