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Monday, June 11, 2012

Sunday Afternoon with Prada at the Met

I finally got myself over to the Met to see the much awaited exhibit the stars were able to see at the Gala. Luck was on my side, no line thanks to the Puerto Rican Day Parade (precisely my plan) I got a little lost and asked about 4 employees which way for Prada, lol. This was my second time going to see the costume gala exhibit; my first being the forever loved, McQueen. That being said if you saw the last one you know how spoiled we were, not that Prada wasn't great, it just wasn't as elaborate as McQueen. Even the size of the showroom was a great deal smaller. But I will say that is my one and only complaint. I just wanted more… Seeing fashion made through the years and actually getting glimpses of what the designers were thinking and their process is amazing…better yet inspiring! Whether or not fashion is what peak your interest, what's fascinating to me is the dedication and the detail. If anyone put that much into anything how couldn't you be something, in whatever you do. If you're in town make sure you stop by the Met and see the glorious "Impossible Conversations" by Schiaperilli & Prada. No pictures are allowed, I took one at the entry and was quickly scolded, lol.

Pictures are from nymag.com or wallpaper.com


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