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Monday, August 20, 2012

FlavorPill's Summer Friday Lunch Breaks

Friday's are already hands down the best day of the work week, but now for your lunch break pleasure Flavorpill is throwing a dance party series (with free lunch). Three separate fridays with djs, dance floor, Absolut drinks and ummm free lunch! I don't usually take a lunch break, but I couldn't resist. I escaped my day job went down to Le Poisson Rouge and enter the mid-day rave lol. All I can say is I wish I could have stayed longer! I got in and everything was lit up in the black lights, people dancing with huge Absolut glow sticks, and tasty cocktails. In other words a perfect way to start the weekend! Like I said I couldn't stay long, just enough time to get my drinks, shake my a** to a couple songs and try not to hit people with my glow-stick (didn't fully succeed on that mission, hahaha). 


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