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Monday, October 8, 2012

Press Preview: Jockey's Spring 2013 Fashion Show

Taken by Jockey

Like most, I want it all…comfortable, cute and multipurpose (lounge, layer and day wear) when it comes to apparel. Jockey's new spring line accomplishes all of that! Each piece delivered on all 3 points of my "I will purchase" criteria; the fabric was soft and flexible, came in cute colors and with cuts that glide against the body or streamline (with shape wear) and of course stylish athletic gear. If you're looking for great shape wear look no further! Jockey gives cuts and styles that look like normal undergarments, leggings or slips. Get undressed with confidence, nothing screams out "granny" or "I'm not really this skinny," lol. And now onto the men's collection. Typically I do women's fashion, but who doesn't enjoy seeing both! They had some great options for them also. One of the points mentioned during the runway show was that they tried to provide what a man wants while also thinking about what a woman want as well…especially when a lot of women like to wear their man's boxers. I thought that was interesting and definitely makes sense. The collection has my stamp of approval, Jockey kept their same iconic style with quality cotton fabric that breathes and stretches, sweat resistant for athletic wear and smooth necklines/waist bands for comfortability and to blend seamlessly under clothes.

Taken by Jockey

Shape Wear



  1. no men's briefs? lame.

  2. They have men's briefs! I don't have all of the collection images posted.


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