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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Events: Eric Haze for G-Shock 30/25/15X4

What do G-Shock, Eric Haze and I have in common we're all celebrating our bdays, lol. That's where the 30/25/15X4 comes from G-Shock's 30th Anniversary, Haze's 25th Anniversary, their alliance spanning 15 years, and the release of their 4th collaborative timepiece. The celebration took place down in the Financial District at Solo. I must say I was enamored with the ceilingperfect place for Eric Haze to showcase his work. It was pretty amazing all the different pieces of art he's made from rims to glassware, apparel, rugs, prints and more. Take a look at the photos and see what Haze has done through his 25 years.

Me (Exclusive Kat) & The Chic Inspector (via Instagram)

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