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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Events: Bud Light Port Paradise Music Festival at the Atlantis in Nassau Bahamas

I had the most amazing weekend in Nassau, Bahamas for the Bud Light Port Paradise! Let's start with the fact of leaving the swift cold fall/winter weather in NYC to bask in the island breeze of the Bahamas. As soon as we got there the sun was bright, weather was at a pleasant 80 degrees and the Bud Light reps from my plane were already passing out beers and celebrating! We charted the buses to the Atlantis Hotel to start this Port Paradise adventure. The hotel was humongous, like I had to ask numerous people to repeat directions when going somewhere; of course I got the hang of it on the last day lol. Day 1 we were able to explore the grounds, aquariums, dolphins, pools, beach, casino and much more. I may or may not have had too many tequila shots :) Day 2 was music festival day! The stage was up and the bands were beginning to play, contest winners from both boats were covering the field. My lucky self got to hang out in the VIP tent with Catt Sadler (E News!) Adam Pally (actor, Happy Endings), DJ Skribble (dj of 1 ship), Lil' Jon (music artist/producer & dj of the other boat), Far East Movement…the list goes on. Me and my crew had a blast! Honestly, I don't think I've ever had that much beer in my life lol…definitely trying to detox and return back to normalcy!

Adam Pally & Catt Sadler
DJ Skribble
Lil Jon
Far East Movement
Far East Movement
Flo Rida

Wiz Khalifa

 Atlantis Resort
 View of the Cruise Ships


 Lagoon Bar & Grill
 Atlantis Resort
 Like walks on the beach? lol

 Ginormous stingray
Finale Fireworks
 Umm…The Porch….where's the mixer?
Bye Bahamas :'(

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