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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Events: The Unsinkable Henry Morgan by Michael Haussman. Dive into the Mystery of Infamous Privateer

Let me start by saying….Captain Morgan is more than a drink, he was a real pirate trying to conquer the world! Of course his story is fanscinating and has become the inspiration behind the Captain Morgan brand. So naturally they partnered with the Sundance Channel to create The Unsinkable Henry Morgan a 30 min documentary by the award winning director Michael Haussman. Check out the preview below! I must say I enjoyed the screening and the perfectly paired cocktails with maple bacon popcorn! Don't forget it airs Jan 20th on the Sundance Channel.

 Cocktails with the big block ice (I never want a mixed drink without them, lol)
 It makes you think if the Captain Hook character was inspired by Capt. Morgan
 Replica of Satisfaction (Capt. Morgan's boat)

 Mini burgers & fries
 Fleet of Rum!
The maple bacon popcorn :-P

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