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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

J.McLaughlin + Dempsey & Carroll = A Perfect Way to Say Happy Mother's Day!

Hand written cards are coming back into style making a significant impression for their personableness and the effort they imply with their non-digital ways. J. McLaughlin and Dempsey & Carroll have teamed up to make 3 beautiful options to make a lasting impression on a loved one or a friend for a holiday to just because. This year I've decided to use one of my Moroccan Paisley-Hero cards to tell my mom how wonderful she is for mother's day! Finding a card that not only says says what I feel and looks good is a time consuming task. Hope you like the card and it inspires you to give that personal touch with a hint of fancy the next time you send a note to someone!

This is my card so far…I plan to draw something to spice it up or ask a friend (with real art skills) to help me out, lol. Aside from having the card upside down when I wrote it (face palm) I <3 it!

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