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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Style & Beauty: CLOUDZbyTY Limited Edition Graphic Sunglasses

Thrilled to announce the release of the 2013 CLOUDZbyTY Limited Edition Graphic Sunglasses by TY; a graphic character artist. A posthumous heir to the throne of Keith Haring + Andy Warhol & Lisa Frank; idols that lie in the psychedelic vein of CLOUDZ. The Texan implant to New York City has swept Manhattan with his bright colored street-art characters, canvas paintings, trippy stickers and neon sunglasses. Having given colorful art shows in Hollywood, Manhattan, Texas and Brooklyn, the highly anticipated return of the CLOUDZ summer shades are the perfect addition to any wild trip to the beach or club. The neon framed sunglasses feature customized art by NYC graphic artist, Tyler Wallach of the 'CLOUDZ by TY' - last years round of glasses sold out quickly so make sure to get em' while it's hot! The glasses are fully functional and sturdy, seeing out of them is no problem at all!

Available today! Only at www.HelloMyNameisTY.com


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