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Monday, March 24, 2014

Sorry for the Wait: Exclusive Kat is Back!

Hey guys, sorry for the extended break between posts, I needed time to refocus. There's been a lot of changes in my life recently that has left me struggling to get back to place of normalcy. From an unexpected job change, to an end of a relationship and a loss of a best friend; I felt like my world was collapsing. I've been trying to ignore the issues and while doing that, I felt as if I was trapped and unmotivated to do anything about it. So to get myself out of this hole, I decided to refocus on myself by doing what makes me happy. Once fashion week ended, I only did what I wanted, while being more selective about events and including more time relax and focus on my health. The collage above are just some examples of little things I've been doing to help get more active in repairing myself. 

My mom has me hooked on this green smoothie, I try to make it each day. It's really easy to make and you can use any greens, us water or milk add berries whatever you like (this is what I use: 1 banana, half an apple, 1 cup of spinach, 1 cup of ice & a half cup of water). I feel better throughout the day when I drink it. The weather hasn't fully decided to let spring prevail but on few the days that have been nice Chicken & I take long walks into Central Park or around my neighborhood; it's amazing what a little vitamin D will do. Fresh flowers make me smile, this is probably one of the best bouquets I've ever bought, the blooms were perfection! I'm obsessed with skin care, I try to pick one day a week that I put a some extra effort into my upkeep. I deep condition my hair, put on a face mask, cover my hair with a heated cap (to intensify the conditioning process) and paint my nails or catch up on my Bon Appetit or People Style Watch magazines. Not the sexiest of looks but it does wonders.  

Anyways, I'm back and ready to begin sharing about fashion, beauty, food, & events that I enjoy and think you will too!

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