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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Style & Beauty: The Beauty & the Braid at Pierre Michel

Who doesn't love a day of being pampered?! On a wet, rainy and semi humid air day in the city I stopped over at the Pierre Michel Salon for the Beauty & the Braid event. I'm at the mercy of the weather forecast for hair styles so when summer finally comes and the NYC air thick is full and of humidity having a braided hair style keeps my hair looking like I put some effort into it and allows me to be event ready at a moments notice! If you haven't been to the Pierre Michel Salon, its a beautiful salon with an accommodating staff there to make you feel at ease. This was my second appointment at the salon, my first trip I got deep moisturizing hair mask (by moroccan oil, a color rinse (demi-permenat hair color) and a glossing treatment. I'm not a fan of the maintenance needed for permanent hair color so this was perfect for me and looked amazing (I really should do it again)! 

Back to the braids, below are some pics of my hair and some of the other girls who had different gorgeous styles all done by Jerome Lordet! As a special treat I also got my make up done by Stacey Menzer (Stay Glam Beauty). She did a wonderful job and really took my concerns and questions seriously. I rarely wear foundation because my pores get blocked really easily, so she used a nice water based primer that would protect my skin and put on a very light coverage for a natural foundation look. For the dramatic eye she used some of my top color choices and a rich nude tone for my lips. I got so many compliments that I decided to make plans with a friend to make the most of the evening!

FYI ladies for $75, get a wash, blow dry and braid style at Pierre Michel!

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