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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Pets: When They're Feeling Under the Weather

Feeling under the weather isn't just a human thing, it can affect your pets too! Recently, I've had my own scare with my little guy (Chicken). While I was at work Chicken seemed to have hurt himself somehow, affecting his lower back. Being that he was able to walk and go outside, I thought it was a something that would go away, eventually. But after giving it a few days, I made an appointment to see the vet during the Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness. Apparently it was a slipped disc in his lower back that needed to be treated with anti-immflamuation medicine and some pain meds. Thankfully we did not need the surgery and he's expected to make a full recovery after a week of medicine and 3 weeks total of bedrest. 

Being that in my personal life, I get asked so many questions about Chicken and the fact that he's definitely more popular than I am, I thought I'd make a post of what's been helping me take care of him while he's feeling 'under the weather.'

Sweet Spots: I usually buy this for him around his birthday. Its dog ice cream and he adores it! What better way to treat your pet than a sweet treat that is natural and healthy for him.

Pill Pockets: These have been a life saver! They're kind of expensive ($9.99 for 30) but if your pet refuses to take pills and gets sick when you give them human food like peanut butter or cheese this will be your holy grail and they come in several flavors.

Pop-up Bowls: Usually I take these when we travel or to go to the park, but since he's been sick I've used them for quick feeding and drinking so he doesn't have to get up up and further strain his injury. Plus, I don't have to worry about making room for his other bigger & bulkier dishes taking up space wherever he choose to lay at the time.

Another must...a warm, plush fuzzy blanket: My mom bought this for him a couple Christmas' ago. He was so excited that he sat on it when it was still in the box! While he's been recuperating he's been laying on this nonstop. I say use whatever your pet feels most comfortable and puts them at ease.

Well, that's it for my tips, for now. Hope you enjoyed them :) I'll start adding some pet reviews into the mix. Chicken is a big part of my life, just like most pet owners. And if you're ever feeling curious about what he's up to you can always catch up on his activities on Instagram or Tumblr.


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