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Friday, November 28, 2014

Fitness/Health: Get B Stoked w/ Celebrity Trainer Kira Stokes & BFX Studio

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, lets focus on what we're all thinking about; what we should be doing...fitness and getting healthy. Well, at least that what I've been thinking about and beating the mad dash of crowded gyms to get fit once the new year begins. Personally, I find that spinning and barre class tend to be the most effective seeing results at a faster rate. So when I got invited to try out one of Kira Stokes 'B Stoked' Series fitness classes, I felt like my wish had been answered just in time! There were plenty of good options, but since it had been awhile since I've taken a barre class, I chose that.

Kira's Stoked C3 Barre Max class was pretty intense, but so fun and effective. It was one of those class that you knew if you did it regularly you'd be at your inspiration goal in no time. The class is an entire body workout, I'm still sore...2 days later and I've never sweat so much in a class. I can't wait to go back and try her cycling class! BFX Studio is having a Black Friday sale on class packages. Checkout their website (here) and get the best deal for an unlimited package at their fantastic gym. Not only do they have studio classes and a cycling studio; but they also have a workout space with machines and free weights. It truly has everything to satisfy your fitness needs. Besides that its so clean and nice, its hard to find a gym here where you can go in and feel at ease and BFX Studio is that. If you're in NYC checkout their Chelsea or FIDI location; they're also in Boston!

Kira Stokes & I before the sweat fest for B Stoked C3 Barre Max (BFX Studio)

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