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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Press Preview: Women By Nargus Presents Royal Blood Collection

Yet another breathtaking collection by Nargus! The Royal Blood Collection is irresistibly enchanting with its use of embellishments and strong female profiles. This is my third time attending a preview for her luxurious designs and it just might be my favorite of all. If you're interested in purchasing or simply seeing more of her fab work click here. Photo books are also available for $80!

Above: Trophy wives 2.0 48x30
Acrylic, silver leaf, swarovski elements, synthetic butterflies, ink
Retreated into Twos; 36x30
Acrylic, gold leaf, swarovski crystals & pearls
Fire in Cairo; 48x30
Acrylic, gold leaf, swarovski elements, ink
Eyes Wide Wider; 36x30
Acrylic, gold leaf, swarovski pearls, gold chain

Left: Fawzia 24x30 Princess of Egypt Iranian Monarch 1939-1948 Acrylic, swarovski crystals & pearls, glitter
Center: Soraya; 24x30 Iranian monarch; 1951-1958 Acrylic, silver leaf, swarovski crystals & pearls, glitter
Right: Farah; 24x30 Iranian monarch 1959-1979 acrylic, gold leaf, swarovski crystals & pearls, glitter

Left: Countess16x20 Acrylic, gold leaf, glass, beads,, synthetic butterflies
Right: If on a moonlit night 18x24 Acrylic, gold leaf
Hijab 2.0 24x48 Acrylic, gold leaf, beads, ink

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