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Thursday, March 3, 2016


In my personal quest of trying to be a better human being by being healthier and more active I was lucky to run into the SIX:02 girls during fashion week at a beauty lounge. The concept behind the brand is obviously fitness but more so encouragement of making the most of your time and giving you the tools to do so. What I love about this is that you don't have to choose sides, meaning you don't have to be strictly team Nike, Adidas, Puma, ...etc. It doesn't matter because they're all here for a one stop shopping experience! Make sure you check out their website for all your ever so trendy and useful athleisure needs or if you're also here in NYC there will be a brand new store opening this spring.

Skin and hair care are my biggest concerns in the beauty world. I believe you have to take care of the base before you start worrying what you're going to do to enhance/style yourself. Not to toot my own horn, but I've been up on my game for skin care since my late teens but with all the amazing new Korean beauty products I'm trying to get to the next level! So, both of these products in the pics above are by Neogen; I found them via SoKoGlam. What are they? Both are kits that include and essence that improves hydration, smoothness and complexion by pouring the essence into the jar and using the double sides pads inside to treat your face and neck after you wash and tone. The left is best for brightening (hyper pigmentation) and right anti-aging. Just incase reading isn't enough, check out the video that shows the demo of the product here

Seriously, where was this when I lived in Chicago?! I received this fantastic little gadget in a gift bag during this past fashion week in February when it literally felt like Chicago in NYC. You might be asking, what's so great about this? Well, I can't be the only person that has never found gloves that are truly warm enough that can also allow me to use my phone. This little guy helps bridge that gap and it lasts 6hrs (some 12hrs) before you have to refuel. Simply slide the ZIPPO Hand Warmer into your pocket for a steady stream of heat to keep you warm during your commute or outdoor activities. So handy, so useful, so warm and its cute! 
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I heart cooking! There's something about creating a meal for yourself or to be shared that feels so special. However, shopping at the grocery store can give you the entirely opposite feeling. If anyone shops at Trader Joes in NYC, you know exactly what I mean (shopping in line is the worst). A friend sent me a free box of food in January from Blue Apron to try it out and I've been hooked ever since. I get 3 meals a week for 2 people (usually I pack the other portion for lunch) and you are free to skip whenever you like, cost is about $60. What I enjoy the most is it helps me switch up my food routine and try ingredients I would have never thought I could make so easily. Each dish comes with a recipe card, all of the ingredients needed to prepare and how many calories a dish has. As you continue you end up with quite a collection of recipes you can pull from own your own impressing everyone.

Since I'm eating more healthy and fancy, it's only fair that my little Chicken gets to do the same. I discovered Frenchie's Kitchen in December at one of PetCo's Unleashed stores in Tribeca. After hearing the rave reviews from others in the store, we decided to get a couple for him to have a delectable fest for Christmas and New Years like us. This food is all natural and even human grade; yes, us humans can eat it too! I've never seen him eat so fast and immediately licking his lips after. I switch it up between his dry food from Orijen and the variety of dishes from Frenchie's Kitchen

I'm not too serious about making NYE resolutions, I simply decided this would be the year I do more...more of what I want, to grow, learn and be happy. Now that I officially have my IDNYC I'm taking advantage of the free year memberships to many of the museums around the city. First stop The Met! I went late on a Friday evening to get my membership card hoping it would be less crowded (which it was) and was given a ticket to explore with my new membership card. I wandered into the Egyptian exhibit and this was my first time seeing one so grand. It was truly amazing being able to walk through seeing the hieroglyphics and how statuesque everything was. I'm sure I'll be back soon to see the Met Costume Gala exhibit which opens in May.


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