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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Style & Beauty: Adding a Color Pop in Your Outfit

There’s often this misconception that you have to wear a lot of cream, black and white, and subtle tones in order to maintain a classy wardrobe. While there is nothing wrong with solid neutrals, as Vanessa Rodriguez of Stylishly Me reaffirms that those are the colors to go for whenever in doubt, but bold hues and prints can definitely be worked into an elegant closet. One way to incorporate vibrant accents into your outfits is by introducing a pop of color into them. This allows you to still appear sophisticated in your monochromatic or neutral ensembles, but the colorful detail inserts flair and character into your overall look.

Wondering how you can pull off this color pop? Try the following ideas:

Select One Garment To Be Your Colorful Piece

Whether it’s your coat or your bottoms that are in a vibrant print or a neon hue, keep the rest of your separates in neutral shades or toned down versions of the main colour to create balance in your ensemble. Perhaps one of the easier garments to incorporate that brightness is a blouse, tee, or any other top of your choice. As the editors of Lyst have noted in their collection of tops there are a myriad of silhouettes to choose from that will spice up your capsule wardrobe.

Go For Colorful Accessories
Colorful Accessories

If your wardrobe is mainly composed of neutrals and solids, you can always turn to your accessories co-ordinate that intensity into your ensemble. Jewelry, shoes, hair pieces and bags are the simplest way to insert that pop, which is why accessory brands are unafraid to push color boundaries. Wearing a beige shift dress today? Try it on with bright orange peep toe heels. Thinking of keeping it classic with a white button-up and black cropped trousers? Keep your hair down and wear a beautiful red headband. An additional tip would be to try to match your vibrant accessories with each other for unexpected flashes of color.

Wear A Bold Lip Or Bright NailsBold Nails & Lips
It’s not just the accessories that qualify as the finishing touches of a look. Makeup, hair and nails can carry just as much weight as a piece of jewelry, so if you want a color accent but don’t feel like wearing a yellow hat or pink pumps, Glam Radar suggests you add some pizzazz to your appearance with a bold red lip or neon nails. Even burgundy lipstick will look absolutely stunning in an all-black outfit, as non-highlighter shades will instantly look brighter against neutral tones.

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