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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Food Review: La Barrita Argentinean Steakhouse and Wine Bar

La Barrita was sensational, not in just the food (both taste and quality) but in it's presence itself. I'm not sure how to explain it, but it was the sense of home. I'm not Argentinean or grew up on that style of cuisine but you could feel the positive energy and love from the owner, the chef and the staff that gives you the feeling of comfort and ease that consumes you when you go home. The passion of the cuisine and the love of honoring the ingredients used was present in every dish served. Although it's a steakhouse they did have numerous dishes for the vegetarians too. In fact one of my favorites from the night was the Polenta Del Bosque served in a rich mushroom cream sauce...I've never been too crazy about polenta and this one change my mind about it entirely. My favorite meat dish was the Costilla Entera (grass fed rib steak): it was oh so tender, juicy, perfectly cooked and just to take it up a notch they carved it table side to causing you to drool. Take a look at my pictures from what I refer to as my second Thanksgiving and see some of the many delicious meals you could be eating too! La Barrita is in the picturesque area of Brooklyn Heights grab a bite and take a stroll around...you won't be sorry! Oh and fear not wine lovers, they also carry precious Malbecs from Argentina and they will excellently pair with your meal of choice.

See more from La Barrita on Facebook, Instagram and Yelp.

Polenta Del Bosque (Homemade With Wild Mushrooms Sauce)
 Lengua A La Vinagreta (Tongue Vinaigrette)

 Quinoa Gusto (Organic Quinoa, Plum Tomatoes, Fresh Avocado And Balsamic Reduction)
 Kale Caesar (Baby Kale, Crutons And Ceasar Dressing)

 Pulpo (Wild Cut Grilled Octopus, Natural Potatoes, Cherry Tomatoes & Red Peppers)
Morcilla (Argentinian Blood Sausage) & Chorizo (Argentinian Sausage)
Matambre (Grass-Fed 10 Oz Veal Breast Pre Seasoned)
Empanadas Trio (Carne Cortada A Cuchillo: Grass -Fed Prime Steak) (Pollo: Cage Free Chicken) (Espinaca: Spinach, Fresh Ricota Cheese, Corn And Mushrooms)
 Costilla Entera (Grass -Fed 16 Oz Rib Steak)

After being carved table side & dressing with a flavorful sauce!

More About La Barrita
La Barrita’s menu showcases fresh ingredients, prime cuts, house-made sausages and sauces,
salads and seafood. La Barrita’s head chef, Marcelo Lazzarin, hails from Argentina, which was key for Cardona as he wanted a cook who was raised eating the same traditional food as he did. For more than 20 years, Lazzarin has worked for distinguished establishments coast to coast. 

Wine at La Barrita is carefully curated by Cardona, who personally offers his sommelier-like
pairings per entrée for each patron. The restaurant features a rare collection of Argentinean
Malbecs from some of the best small producers.

Open seven days a week, La Barrita is located in the heart of Brooklyn Heights at 132 Montague
Street. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner Mon-Thurs from 12 pm to 11
pm, Fri & Sat from 12 pm to 12 am & Sun from 12 pm to 11 pm. Happy Hour is
all day, every day at the bar only: $5 beer, $8 well drinks, $9 wine and $10 sangria. 

About Sebastian Cardona
Sebastian Cardona is the manager and creator of La Barrita steakhouse restaurant and wine bar.
came to New York City in 2010 by way of Miami where he lived for 13 years supporting the
openings of and managing restaurants like Osteria Romana in Miami Beach and Toscana Divino,
one of the best Italian restaurants in Brickell. Born to an Italian father from Milan and
Argentinean mother in Mar del Plata, Argentina, Cardona grew up fishing, hunting and cooking
with his grandmother. If it were not for her, he would not be the accomplished home cook that he is today. Before managing La Barrita, Sebastian worked at Masseria Dei Vini in Manhattan.

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