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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Fashion Week: Taoray Wang Fall/Winter 2017 at NYFW

This was my first time attending a Taoray Wang show & it was beautiful! The winter weather was terrible during fashion week and made it hard to motivate yourself to get up, dress up and go...but I made it. Jackets are my absolute favorite item to shop for and the coats/jackets in this line were so stunning. The one in particular that I'm still obsessing over is the purple & black blazer (see 2nd collage image below).

More about the collection:
CROSSOVER, the newest collection from Taoray Wang, namesake brand of designer Wang Tao, meticulously blends contrasting shapes, luxurious fabrics and bold accessories for a modern take on suiting. In this journey, Wang Tao combines opposite elements; classic with avant-garde deconstruction, masculine with feminine, East and West. The merging of these elements gives birth to distinct, iconic silhouettes, which redefine the suit’s history starting with - and running parallel to - the Qing Dynasty, and evolving along the way. Models appeared dressed in delicate, feminine lace negligees under empowering and structured suits, which are symbols of power, business and prestige. Similarly, bold dresses appear in rich fabrics and striking colors.

Designer Wang Tao’s label TAORAY WANG is designed for the powerful, professional and modern woman who wants to be stylish, elegant and sexy. The brand serves a global and confident woman who is not afraid to show her femininity in edgy design while she plays her role as a politician, lawyer and other executive roles. Classic men's fabrics and lines are tamed into graceful silhouettes.
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