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Monday, February 5, 2018

Fashion Week: Laskaris S/S 2018 Paris Couture Fashion Week

Laskaris is another brand I have fond memories of from attending last season! I remember rushing to the show, finding my seat and surprisingly making a few friends despite my struggling French. Laskaris hss more of a whimsical, less fussy style that provides dimension to Paris Couture Fashion Week. The inspiration of Greece runs strong throughout the line persuading me to plan a vacay donning a golden flower crown...

More about the collection:
'Olympias, the woman behind Alexander the Great'

The inspiration of collection is based on the travelogue of a strong woman. It begins with the birth of Olympias in Pasaronas, an ancient city of Epirus. The domesticated snakes are made of skins, embroidered with handmade enamels or depicted on clothes with dazzled Swarovski. The sandals of the collection are traditionally handmade, manufactured by Laskaris.  The emblem of Epirus, an oak, gives its green colour to mark the collection which is composed of ivory, pastel and bright green in Grecian style. 

The collection is influenced by the columns of the Temple of Samothrace, where the charismatic Great Alexander was conceived, during the ritual. The clothes are crafted by handmade meanders, destructurized columns, draped worked with real stones, beams of light, nervir and copper. 

The last phase of the collection identifies Olympias as the wife of Phillip II in Pella and in Aigia – today’s Vergina -, where the leather, embossed flowers in the wreaths of the collection have been influenced. 


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