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Friday, August 10, 2012

Events: G-SHOCK 30th Anniversary Kick-Off w/ EMINEM

Living in NYC has given me more celebrity run-ins than I thought I would ever have… I've ran into Anna Wintour on my way to work; I've seen Jay-Z out when i got off from work lol, but this was my first time seeing a major artist hip hop perform. The day was just a typically Thursday…full of clock watching and wishing it was already Friday. Met some friends after work to see the new G-Shock collection and BAM they told us Eminem will be performing for tonight! I couldn't believe it. My brother is the biggest Eminem fan I know. I quickly got 2 drinks (yes 2) then moved as close to the stage as I could. Slaughter House set it off with DJ Drama, getting the crowd prepared for the finale. When Eminem hit the stage everyone went crazy, you no longer cared who was stepping on you or feeling the drinks being spilled. Everyone was there to be in the moment. Em performed so many of his hits dating all the way back to when he started. Definitely a night to remember….

One of the G-Shock Watches


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